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  1. Arw, thank you.
  2. Mr Dorrito.
  3. Mr Dorrito, I like your Dear You thread, very imaginative.

    Don't smoke too much bro.

    Regards, James.
  4. I love your thread. :suith:
  5. Iamyourfather
    I was born and raised in London however I moved to Essex 5 years ago. It's okay here, I haven't made much friends here as I went to school in London. I really hate the chavs here, they all look like failed science projects. If anything there are more chavs in Essex than surgically enhanced umpa lumpas.

    I'm not particularly extraordinary looking lol. Just a normal girl. It's just that you don't see a lot of British girls with stereotypical African features in films. I can PM you a picture if you're curious. Although my mum is supportive I think she'd prefer if it I stuck with medicine. However, I'd only really be pursuing it for security and after a while the job will become redundant. I think I'd have to really prove something to her before she's fully convinced that performing arts is for me. I've been acting for 8 years on and off but she still hasn't seen me act. I suppose I didn't feel obliged to. I knew I was good at it and it made me happy. I didn't feel the need to prove anything to her. Besides, she was always very busy working to support me and my three other siblings.

    I'm happy that you enjoy the course. It's scary how time flies, that's making me more adamant to make the most of my uni experience.
  6. Iamyourfather
    Me too :P

    No it's nothing like TOWIE, well to me. People tend to assume that everyone in Essex is like the cast a TOWIE lol. They've given us a very bad name. Only a tiny proportion of people are like them, the rest are normal human beings. My university doesn't represent the Essex stereotype at all, in fact barely any of the people I know come from Essex. Essex University is just a collection of students from all over the country/world. Colchester is very much like Ipswich. Nothing about the town screams Essex (other than a shop called "Fake it"). I'm 20 and I'm going into my second year. Not to sound arrogant but first year for me was a walk in the park. I suspect second year will destroy my psyche until I don't know who I am anymore haha.

    You're right. The biggest risk is not taking a risk. Because of my overall 'look' I believe I'm at a slight advantage. I think I'm marketable. Nobody in the mainstream industry really looks like me. That's why I have an ounce of faith.

    Town Planning? haha, I didn't know you could study that at university. It sounds pretty freaking cool tbh. This will probably sound stupid what is it about?
  7. Iamyourfather
    What exactly do you want to know? There's a lot about me :cool:. Erm, well I study biochemistry at TOWIE lol. I'm not particularly overwhelmed by the subject but I do find it challenging and a bit interesting. I'd like to perhaps take the plunge and go for acting. Luckily, one acting agency has shown interest in me but that's an entirely different story.

    What do you study?
  8. Iamyourfather
    Haha, don't worry. You don't appear cynical. It appears to me that you like quality, mainstream or non-mainstream (the fact that your avatar is Jimi Hendrix pretty much confirms that). You seem nice too
  9. Iamyourfather
    I think quite a lot of people like what you say. I love how you state your opinion was such bravado and humour. You're not afraid to say the truth I saw your post about your utter disappointment with the opening ceremony. I would've posted but I didn't have a TSR account :P
  10. Iamyourfather
    What was it about?

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