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  1. Lol, no problem; Glad I could help though

    Reports at this time :facepalm: and why sleep when you can stay awake!
  2. You get my message?
  3. I am male and not every1 is that much older
  4. it iss ok i doesnt afraid of anything
  5. yea y, u interested babe
  6. 30 isn't that far away; I mean 4 years will just fly by
    And the pay covers the bills and rent so you get money for yourself
    And you're never really too old for anything so you shouldn't be worrying
  7. You get to go work and get money and then travel to loads of places and I get to sit at home and have to go college and then uni for another 5/6 years
    I've been off since 28th May, with occasional A2 Maths lessons and by the way I never meant to make you feel old, you just are (sorry, but I haven;t been mean all day)
  8. You're like properly in the middle then I'm actually an only child, so you could say that I'm the oldest (or youngest for that matter) I see that you're 26; I'm only 16
    You finished teaching for this year then?
  9. Well I guess that's a conversation starter
    So who's the oldest out of you three; got any more siblings?
  10. Oh I know where it is now Yh Leicester's in the Midlands. I only really know places that I've traveled to so I'm not that great with geography, although in comparison to some people I'd say that knowing where my home city is, is quite a feat
    So you related to FormerlyHistoryStudent?

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    Where I study
    Lancaster (graduated 2006)
    Instrumental music teacher
    Star Sign
    About me
    Ultimate frisbee
    Swimming in the sea
    Making bonfires
    Going out with friends
    Music - I play the flute, recorder and piano. I'm particularly keen on classical, though when clubbing I like the old party classics
    Browsing second-hand bookshops
    History, the older the better

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