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  1. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Those subjects would be my worst nightmare; I actually hated all of them at GCSE
    You don't sound over stalkerish (if that's a word); whereabouts is Herts - I'd guess Scotland maybe. I'm from Leicester btw
  2. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Feel sorry for you, at least you've finished at one of the schools. Hope you're enjoying the report writing

    I've finished year 11 and was studying English Lit/Lang, Science (Double Applied), Business, Graphics, I.T and AS Maths. I'll be going into 6th form from September and I'll be doing AS Accounting, Economics, Further Maths, Physics and A2 Maths
    I'm hoping to do Maths at uni, but not certain which one's I'm looking at applying to. Got any more questions?
  3. 4mar_ar5en4l
    So then how was work?
    You got your questions ready?
  4. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Lol fire away when you get back. I'll probably forgot then, so I'll ask now ... How was work?
    Good night :cookie:
  5. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Awwwww I feel so sorry for you. What time you need to get up for? How come you can't drive still? At least you get to explore the public transport system Sorry about asking all these questions. Posted on your thread by the way (after eventually finding it )
  6. 4mar_ar5en4l
    I get what you're on about, but maybe they were surprised by it being harder than they expected because for adults especially they may have thought that if you can do it then they shouldn't find it hard either, but when they get down to learning the difficulty exceeds their expectations. Do you have to travel a lot seeing as you teach so many different people at different places?
  7. 4mar_ar5en4l
    It sounds really fun to be teaching a range of age groups, because that way you get to teach and experience different levels of skill (if you get what I'm going on about). It makes it more enjoyable that way, at least I think it does. I personally believe that as you get older you get less nervous because you've done a lot of times and your more used to it, although the exams do get harder you do get better, so it all levels out. What you said was very interesting, it's just that I felt that I disagreed with some of it. Maybe music is different to subjects like maths, english, science etc.
  8. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Although it is a small sacrifice for having good working hours, job security and so on Do you work in a primary or secondary school?

    Lol it's still okay so doesn't really affect playing sport, it's just that it will become really painful after if I were to wicket-keep Talking about physiotherapy, I used to go when I was slightly younger, but that was for my legs; something to do with the bones growing too quickly leading to pain in them occasionally. That was proper useless so I left.
  9. I am very lucky to make living from a talent I have and love, I know. And the holidays are definitely a big plus! Though I have to spend some of that preparing for the term ahead.

    Sorry to hear about your back - have you had physiotherapy for it? Can you do any sports at all?
  10. 4mar_ar5en4l
    That sounds like such a fun job getting to play the flute and recorder whilst being able to teach children Could imagine that all them reports do take quite a while to do, but the holidays do seem to be quite a benefit
    Hurt my back just be keeping, dunno how I managed it but it got really bad so I had to quit

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