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  1. :mad::devil3::devil::catfight::evil::jacko::mad2::mob::mwuaha::rant::spank::gunfire::stomp::whip:
  2. Great, good for you =) An interview for what, if you don't mind my asking?
  3. You're welcome. How're things going?
  4. Hiya, I play classical guitar well, at least I think so! My latest piece was Entre Dos Aguas, it's a flamenco piece, can't remember it for the life of me, it's phenomenal how much memory training is required to be a classical performer! how you are well and the teaching is going well. I've used to perform busking a little. best x
  5. I've just commented on yours...
  6. hi........
  7. Oh and thanks for the rep... can't give it back yet as ive run out of my daily allowance or something?
  8. Haha yeah. I must be crazy.
    I joined because i was bored and thought maybe i'd find some people that are starting at University of York in october with me.
    Especially mature students (i am 21).
    Somehow i've managed to get myself into a few political discussions. Good practice for my philosophy degree though
  9. Some of my friends went there. I went to St. Columbus College on King Harry Lane, but left at 14 and moved North. I passed thorugh recently (8 years later) and so much has changed.
  10. Noticed your from SA, grew up and lived there

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    Lancaster (graduated 2006)
    Instrumental music teacher
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    Ultimate frisbee
    Swimming in the sea
    Making bonfires
    Going out with friends
    Music - I play the flute, recorder and piano. I'm particularly keen on classical, though when clubbing I like the old party classics
    Browsing second-hand bookshops
    History, the older the better

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