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  1. Come at me.
  2. 5-8lbs/month is soooo bull. I really doubt 2lbs/month though. Goes against every single transformation video/athlete I've seen...

    And the stuff about %body weight just seems wrong since most people who start lifting will have the majority of their bodyweight in fat, water and organs and definitely not muscle....

    Martin Berkhan’s Model doesn't seem too bad, thanks for the link
  3. You sure about 2lbs/month? Sounds crazy, I keep hearing everyone (TMW/Elliot Hulse/Arnold Schw) say 10lbs a YEAR is the max.
  4. Do you think it's a good idea to stick to my diet and still hope for gains (in muscle mass, not necessarily strength)? I'll probably hit 65-68kg in the next three weeks down from 88kg at my peak (5'10" height) where I'll want to stay until I can build more muscle. I'm on the slow carb diet and probably underconsuming carbs most days, but still feeling full.
    Not sure if this is hampering my gains because I haven't been checking long term (my muscles SEEM to be bigger though...), what you are your thoughts on this?
  5. Thanks, that definitely helps. Great to see your results too! Wish I took before pics now
  6. Hey, you said you've been training since June 2012. If it's not too much to ask, could you send me some pics so I know what I should be comparing myself to? I.e. do I need to hugely ramp up my training or should I slow things down a bit.

    I started around October, but I think it's close enough.


  7. What routine are you doing?
  8. You don't know who Taemin is! Where have you been all these years? Just look at my album, he's my hubby.
  9. OMG you look just like Taemin except an older version!
  10. Don't we all! He is definitely the funniest character; provides the comic relief!

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