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  1. Love the sig! Made my day. Strangely.
  2. if you wanna make more money, and uh... keep the money that you make?
  3. Random but..... your profile picture = the sex
  4. okay dad
  5. hu?
  6. what indian dramas

    hahahahah you think im indian

    what do you mean a keyboard ninja
  7. silent ninja
    Ninjas drink tea, you would know if you were a real ninja like moi but obviously you a fake. You're a keyboard ninja lol

    Homer Simpson? At least I don't sit around watching Indian dramas like you
  8. you tea addict got nothing better to do than drink tea your belly will pop out like homer simpson
  9. silent ninja
    You stalking me again?

    Just finished my ninja tea. I make a good cuppa if I say so myself. *
  10. hey loser

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