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  1. i love kung fu movies
    i think i watched police story
    i love all the trick jackie chan deos
    what is the meaning of this

    Well I guess you are new to tsr. No comment lol
    You are 16 awww that's cute.
  2. what you are telling me you are my teacher arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    imagine how that would look like eyes at the back of your head
    okay what do you have in mind then three headed dog face chicken legged racoon.
  3. yes you did okay
    cocky banana pants would you rather eat cockroach pie or spaghetti worm
  4. silent ninja
    i did not compliment you
  5. ha ha ha very funny
    and thank you for complementing on my insults dog breath
    and yes actually i have done my homework ............. i know where you are ...... so watch out salma is about

    lets play the would you rather game

    would you rather tackle a snake and obviously get eaten or would you stick your head down a toilet with a number two in it
  6. bet you do thing but just drink tea and then sit there like a useless unhygienic cow
  7. didn't get the first part
    but mister full of him self needs to know that women can do more than one job better than anyone
    unlike you disgusting grease monkeys who only (ironic im called that)
  8. POOP Brain
  9. well its said multitasking is a womens thing so are you trying to tell me something silent ninja AND I DO TAKE MY NINJA SKILLS SERIOUSLY
    and by the way why would i miss you i have better things to do!!
  10. hello silent ninja where are you scared that i might get you?

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