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  1. WHAT im not that bad
  2. see i have won loser
  3. and practice makes perfect poop face
  4. yeah i bet you sit on the sofa all day long and doing nothing but watching ninja movies whilst siting your plate of food on your huge belly eating your poisonous food
  5. well all girlz do their nails and im reffering to me i do train 24/7 and can beat you any day ha
  6. and ha you never replied to me about girls being better ninjas than boys loser
  7. now now what makes you think that im clumsy dog face
  8. we poison men because they are hairy annoying smelly beasts and they are so stupid that they
    get killed because of their greediness the poison is put in their food and when they see food they start drooling like crazy and forget to even check the food.
    and by the way why waste energy if the pea brains are easy to trick

    and also there are 734 rules to be mastered so i suggest for you to brush up on your ninja skills hahaha
  9. pfffffffffffffft

    i can kill you with my eyes closed pea brain
  10. ha ha very funny not i am not your apprentice and i have more skills than you SN i will and repeat i will get you no matter where donkey bRAIN

    and the handsome remark pffffft people who describe them self as handsome are usaully the oppisite heheheheheh donkey brain
    and i am not your apprentice you are my student SN

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