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  1. 5 gems
  2. Martyn*
    What an aweful song!
  3. Did you know that Alkaline Trio used your Nietsche quote in a song?

  4. Top lad
  5. Who's the guy in your profile pic?
  6. You post some rather well argued posts on here. The neg rep baffles me.
  7. Martyn*
    You simply write whatever comes into your head.
  8. I'm jelly of all your red bars, man. How did you do it?
  9. you do realise you cant neg people, even if your crystal ball says otherwise right?
  10. Yup you did. Fair enoughs I guess

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    My name is Martyn, I am 33 and I come from St. Helens, and still there (unfortunately). I am a fountain of knowledge. I have aspergers, but am not diagnosed. I am a social avoider. Some say I have a superiority complex but some say that I have an inferiority complex; you can't win them all! My interests span a whole host of esoteric subjects including religion and mysticism.

    I am always learning, always evolving, perfecting my knowledge as my instrument of power.
    I studied philosophy, comparative religion, Egyptology, fitness instruction, catering and now I am about to study I.T.

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