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  1. Cos you negged me on that illuminati post (to no effect)
  2. Im guessing you're an "illerminati" believer?
  3. Martyn*
    I stand by the sacred principles of true Socialism and I think that Communists and crypto-Communists should leave it alone.
  4. What do you think of religion and particular religions? Positive or negative?
  5. The devil's advocate does not help argument...he just advocates the devil. You should use the Principle of Charity rather than Devil's Advocate

    You seem too knowledgeable to have that neg, I think it might have something to do with your discussing topics loosely related to your area of expertise. You should stick to what you know, which I think is Egyptology...don't just use Egyptology to slander religion, it won't work.
  6. Your rep here isn't healthy. I dont care about that. Yet I see you posting on forums and being opinionated.

    My question is why? I don't mean this to be a dick. I have huge respect for people who stand against the current. I'm just wondering if it's ignorance or you have a rule, in which case I'm interested.
  7. Hello my man! how are you?

    I was just wondering if you could kindly advise me what books I should pick up If I were to want to get myself a fundamental-intermediate grounding to Egyptian Religious history and tradition.

    If there is anyone who knows a disgusting amount about this topic it's you and I would value your advice on where to get started!
  8. Love your sig, matrix reference
  9. Martyn*
    People who think I am anti-semitic for questioning or criticising Jewish supremacism should really be aware of how anti-semitic and anti-Jewish they sound.
  10. I concur with the previous post. You're probably one of the smartest people on this forum, and yes, I agree with most of your posts.

    Keep up the good work

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    My name is Martyn, I am 33 and I come from St. Helens, and still there (unfortunately). I am a fountain of knowledge. I have aspergers, but am not diagnosed. I am a social avoider. Some say I have a superiority complex but some say that I have an inferiority complex; you can't win them all! My interests span a whole host of esoteric subjects including religion and mysticism.

    I am always learning, always evolving, perfecting my knowledge as my instrument of power.
    I studied philosophy, comparative religion, Egyptology, fitness instruction, catering and now I am about to study I.T.

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