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  1. Is your avatar Friedrich Nietzsche?
  2. Martyn*
    I was a difficult child. Could not tell the time even at the age of 18-20, nor could I tie my own shoe laces until I was 16. I could not grasp the meaning of words, could not grasp logic and mathematics, and had strange obsessions including a psychic awareness. I could only concentrate on one thing at a time. I had imaginary friends and was narcissistic up till my late 20s. I would not and could not mix with the others, and was a loner. Kids would fight with me all the time (because I could not communicate). I was named 'clown of the class' at school. I think that qualifies me. Aside from being bullied, not being able to tie my shoe laces, and not being able to tell the time, some of these problems, obsessions, and inability to communicate and form relationships has never gone away and has got worse. So I think that qualifies me.
  3. How can you say you have asperger's if you haven't been diagnosed? That doesn't even make any sense.
  4. I love nietzsche
  5. You're my favourite person to neg.

    I better be careful though. The Jews might be watching as I type this.
  6. You are a fountain of knowledge, apparently.
  7. What is the expected time of death of Capitalism?
  8. Love your avatar! I'm a huge Bottom fan!
  9. Ever considered reading the Nexus magazine? It has all the latest on aliens, ancient egypt, illuminati, and conspiracy theories.
  10. you see to know quite a bit about conspiracy thing i'd like to ask is do you think the illuminati really exist?

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    My name is Martyn, I am 33 and I come from St. Helens, and still there (unfortunately). I am a fountain of knowledge. I have aspergers, but am not diagnosed. I am a social avoider. Some say I have a superiority complex but some say that I have an inferiority complex; you can't win them all! My interests span a whole host of esoteric subjects including religion and mysticism.

    I am always learning, always evolving, perfecting my knowledge as my instrument of power.
    I studied philosophy, comparative religion, Egyptology, fitness instruction, catering and now I am about to study I.T.

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