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  1. Huh? :s:
  2. Hey there, my names Onur (I've posted a few times in the group). What about your name?
  3. You never replied :hmmm:
  4. LOL, haha... who is this??! :hmmm:
  5. loool... :ninja:

    My turn....
  6. Thank you need to get the grades now haha. I have finally heard from all my universities!
    Kings (offer)
    BSMS (rejected post interview)
    Birmingham (offer)
    My bmat wasn't great tbh... 4.9 4.9 3A ... I reckon I just passed the boundary. Where have you applied?
  7. grats on soton! and I guess haha, but you are guaranteed an imperial interview with your bmat scores; they are all above last years cutoff! I wouldn't worry if I was you
  8. Btw this is handsome7654, my acc doesn't seem to be working for some reason :O
  9. Haha I guess it happens!
    Only if I had a few more points on S1 lol oh well I'll just hammer it next year! :P
    You heard from Imp yet?
  10. st john's cambridge - rejected
    kings - offer
    barts - interview done
    imperial - still waiting


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