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  1. I'm on a gap year atm, so I'm volunteering and gonna tutor some kids soon
    How about you?
  2. hahaha not gonna lie, I wanted the A* in chem too; I did so many pratice questions but scraped an A in unit 5 so I was 12 off an A* :s:

    I did my unit 3 c/w last year and it's in my school, I didn't do it at home, so I haven't got it, sorry!
  3. I hated the unit 6 bio coursework and thought I'd get a C/D ended up 1 mark off an A- same with unit 3
    I got an A In bio and chem :yes:
    At least the hard work paid off in chemistry
  4. Hey how did you do in biology and Chem?
  5. Hi Arnab, Since you already submitted your AS coursework, I would like to ask you something. About the word limits, should we include the footnotes? The problem is by excluding it, mine is around 2500 words but if I include the footnotes, it is almost 4000!! In my footnotes, I did full citation, basically it is just the same as my bibliography. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yeh it was kinda standard but I don't wanna discuss it..just want to completely relax and not think of exams :woo:
    Like this group and discuss why you think the unit 4 exam was unfair.
    4 hours ago, we had 26 likes and now we have 60 likes. Post this as your status. Ask your friends to like it. Share it. Please do not ignore this. Make an effort and let the world know.
  8. Yeah, it wasn't killer, slightly different but it was standard so grade boundaries won't be that low, but lower than jan 12 but higher than june 11 for the A/A*
  9. I was close I got C4H8O4N instead of N2!!!!!!!!
    So pissed but follow through marks
    I lost all together 4-5 marks on that question

    Section A was kinda piss
    Section C was nice

    But yeah I made silly mistakes, even naming the amino acid :facepalm:
    I put 1aminoethanoic acid !!!!
    I think that emp formula took a lot of energy out of me so I was less focus afterwards

    Low grade boundaries
  10. Quite well, a few questions caught me out
    How did you find it?

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