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  1. Gosh that sounds, um... riveting? :p: My final six months at Oxford were interesting, to say the least, though I don't actually remember most of it now.

    Congrats on passing the actuarial exam! :awesome: I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do yet. Ideally I'd do a PhD and become a tutor at Oxford but there's not much funding going around these days. I quite like arts admin and educational outreach and the internship I'm doing at the mo is part of the charities sector, so there are lots of options available. Basically anything that isn't a PGCE, law conversion or graduate medicine :p:

    You can still do PMs, you know! If you click into someone's profile and click the contact options tab or something similarly named, you'll find it :yes:
  2. Hey there! Of course I remember you! Good to hear from you and glad you're enjoying King's! What's your essay on? 3000 is a lot! I did humanities A Levels but my essays were always on the short side, haha!

    I have finished Oxford, yes! My degree kinda exploded: I was horrendously ill in third year (though had been ill from second year) and had to be pulled out of all academic stuff at Oxford. Walked into my exams having barely revised and left with a 2.2. I'm pretty damn proud of it though :yep: Now doing a part-time MA at Goldsmiths in ethnomusicology (though I'm just doing Western pop within that :awesome: ) and an internship with the London Symphony Orchestra! :yeah:

    So you still thinking about going and doing finance-y stuff? I see an old thread you started got reared up recently!

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