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  1. Your sig :rofl: it sounds like one of the fonejacker characters
  2. Love the owl video buhhhhh
  3. Lovely Owl :love:
  4. Ooo Widnes!
    It smells there :sad: Sorry, but it just does

    I'm still here sadly - I went to Lancaster for a month and dropped out. Starting at Manchester in September though Can't wait!

    Warrington isn't just boring and mundane, it's downright dangerous at times I hate it so, so much. Can't wait to leave!
  5. Hello! :awesome: Where are you from then?
    And largely grim? I've not seen a nice bit yet :sad: It's like the overspill from both cities meet here to battle it out in a chav civil war.
  6. Yeah I have a couple of friends in third who seem to be going into overdrive/meltdown with dissertation & project work...that scares me.
    What modules did you do for second year?
  7. I'm a first year! Although soon to be second year because it's nearly the end of term How time flies...
    How about yourself?
  8. It needed to be said. :yes:

    Her fans are extremely delusional and I think they are all in denial (hence all of the negative rep). They've lost the ability to listen to her songs objectively instead, they've allowed themselves to be blinded by her fake persona and 'craft'.

  9. Your sig made me sick!
  10. 7589200
    Are u some gay boy that wears uggs?

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