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  1. Hi charles
    I want to know about the top undergraduate engineering faculty of Cambridge and what its degree called.BS or BA.
  2. Hi Doughnuts, how is your applications going so far? Have you heard from JPM and GS for IBD? My app for both of them has been under review for 3 months. Havnt heard back from MS post AC and its been nearly 4 weeks. fml
  3. Hey,

    I saw that you did a spring insight at goldmans last year. Congrats! I just wanted to ask a few questions - I'm preparing my application but I'm really split between two divisions - securities and technology. I'm just wondering if I apply for both will the HR take it as if im not serious about either one and I havent done my research. Also if for example I just apply for technology but decide I want to do sec would I be able to switch during the spring week? What do you think about this in general?

    Thanks a lot (wow I just realised that is a lot of questions)!
  4. Hey, I saw you had a first round with DB. Do you mind sharing your experiences with them via PM? Thanks.
  5. Hi,

    I just got invited to MS IBD telephone interview.

    Do u mind PM me ur experiences? How technical it is?

    Many thanks!
  6. :console: I'm sure it'll get better :hugs:

    I can see me failing linear algebra :sigh:
  7. :wavey: How you doing?
  8. Thanks man, I'm guessing you mean the stupidly high work load for Cam Law, you crazy bastard.

    How was first year?
  9. Yeah, planning on it, although haven't yet got around to actually applying as I need to re-do my CV. Should be putting applications in over the next week though - the plan is to apply before the start of term! You? x
  10. Sup :cool:

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