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  1. You'll be fiiiine. If you were supposed to get A*A*A* (three A*s and not just one!) with minimal effort and you still revised for them, I'm sure you'll be OK, even if the exam didn't go as well as you hoped. Even if you do miss your offer, at least you've tried your best. :console:

    </mum> :p:
  2. Awww, try not to worry about it! A*AA isn't as impossible as you're probably thinking, especially since you have the advantage of modular exams (so you should've had an indication of what you needed to get the A*/A when you were going into each exam). You can't change your results now, so try and enjoy your free time now before the work kicks in - especially since the last few weeks post-results day are always hectic due to all of the packing! :woo: x
  3. I'm glad you like :awesome:

    Now once I've run dry all the hot actresses (will take a while I know) I wouldn't know what group of females to do! :gah:
  4. Hahaha okay,sleep well x Nighttt
  5. Probably the baitest college in the whole of London. Considering I don't even live in London (I live in Bedford) anymore,yet I still know a couple of people there lool. I don't like the females there -_-
  6. Hahahahahaha wait,don't tell me you go to CTK?
    Fake ghetto girls are hilarious! I wish I could just shrink them,place them in my pocket,and bring them out when I'm feeling a bit sad! There are plenty of girls like that down where I live! Slightly annoying though tbh...
    Oh darn I had my hopes up for a second
    Ohh la la,you definitely just gained some brownie points in my book
  7. I guess you live in London then? Lol. Or do you live in some next countryside place where you get those fake ghetto girls? They're even worse -_-
    Damn,I thought I was getting offered a free dinner (I'm saying that in the 'un-ghettoest' way possible lol)
    Hahahahaha 'quite pretty'....Thankyou again....I guess lol.
  8. Ahhh yes,the wonderful talent of being able to start and continue an argument about anything and everything! How I wish I possessed such qualities :P
    LOL Woah woah woah,slow down there Mr Smooth Talker
    Thankyou though x
  9. Lol what are these assets you speak of?
    Haha ermm I don't know whether I should be offended or.....
  10. Are they? lol
    I promise you,I am not at all ghetto. Don't let my face deceive you :P

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