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  1. Brilliant, cheers pal! Go easy on me! Will reply to you on Facebook later, busy doing notes on positivism for the EPQ...sigh
  2. Er ... I don't think threatening you is the sign of a sweetheart. I mean my DoS' view of references was "If I don't think I could write you a good reference, if you ask me to write one, I will tell you that you might want to consider asking someone else".

    I still don't think being harsh means you'll all do better...
  3. Ultimate1
    'sup doughnuts.

  4. ... He sounds horrible. I'm not even sure he can do that, actually. People have to write you a truthful reference. In order to write you a bad reference, he'd have to make things up which I'm pretty sure is illegal, apart from anything else. Because what would be the foundation of it?

    "Doughnuts!! is lazy and a time-waster. This is because he chose jurisprudence when I told him not to"?

    Anyway, as I said, you don't need your DoS to write you one. I've had friends use their subject supervisors. Tbh, if I'd needed one this year, I'd have been very tempted to get my labour law supervisor to write one instead of my DoS just because he thought I was brilliant and he's really nice
  5. You weren't allowed to take Juris in the end?

    Well, is Admin entirely JR? I can't access the syllabi anymore so I have no idea what's in the paper but you could focus on the non-JR parts. And you never know, you might warm up to it (Plus it's meant to be one of the easiest papers in the faculty)
  6. Thank you , I'm feeling soooo relieved and elated atm!
  7. Hi, would it be possible for you to clear some of your inbox messages please? If not, I'll message you here.
  8. You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later.
  9. i'll rep you one sec
  10. Vikki1805
    Yes, I meant 50 instead of 5 :sigh: awkward.

    And I still upload photos because I love taking photos and I have always uploaded them, so I'm not going to change that. :pierre:

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