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  1. Why are you still in the Cambridge Applicants thread? :rofl2:

    Go and do some Law PS Subject Opinions - at the current rate, you'll never graduate! :p:
  2. Nope, Luke.
  3. Yes. The fact that the police dropped this will help you. A conviction

    That said, note this: "Unless there are exceptional circumstances we will refuse your application if you have:

    been responsible for behaviour:

    which is dishonest;"

    This is not in relation to criminal sanctions, which are treated separately. Accepting a caution or receiving a warning from the police can also cause *******s.

    Yes, it's a student prank--but it looks pretty bad. Were I in your position, I would not discuss it on this forum, from which you could probably be recognised.
  4. Well, I'm glad you like him He's a nice guy, just has some objection to me I've not figured out... and I don't tend to tell people I know IRL about TSR, hence the editing Thanks though

    Also, empty your PS inbox...
  5. Sent it.
  6. on the its impractical to have a society based solely on morals, should i just state that or provide some reasoning, like a line..?

    what could i put in a line ?
  7. those ideas are awesome man!!! :P
  8. hey, thanks for the feedback , any better examples that you can think off like the road marking, im just trying to make the poitn that even the most basic things that we don't think abut gives use duties etc, also yh the causation thing is kidna obvious, how do you think i could link causation to jurisprudence?

    After these tweaks, as a whole so far do you think its good enough for like cam, lse, ucl et al?
  9. hey man, had a look ?
  10. hey man have you checked it ?

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