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  1. No worries at all Sure, PM away! I only say PM coz I can't remember if you have a home email address for me. I remember in 2011 you emailing me at work but that internship finished ages ago! :eek:
  2. Hello stranger! Tiz been AGES. How are you doing?
  3. I am in love with your avatar.
  4. :yy:
  5. Democracy told me he fancies you hehehe xox
  6. Hi how was third year? x
  7. :hugs: I'm sorry to hear that! I've been busy with uni and stuff. Got my first year exams in two weeks so just revising really. I'm sorry to hear the med application hasn't gone well. There is always next year! When do you finish uni? x
  8. Hey, How are you? It has been ages! Hope everything is going well x
  9. Cheers for the rep :bigsmile:
  10. Excellent, well done you!
    GAMSAT? Good luck!
    Any advice for a second year?

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  • About AutVinceriAutMori

    Where I study
    Magical Brummieland
    You know
    Star Sign
    Hands pressed together under the veil…
    “What is it that makes you so pale and faint?”
    I’m afraid I intoxicated him with the ale
    Of bitter anguish and torturous pain.

    Could I forget it? He stumbled out, wavering,
    His tormented mouth was twisted and grim....
    I ran down the stairs, not touching the railing,
    At the end of the walkway, I caught up to him.

    I yelled after him: “I was kidding and only.
    If you leave me today, you’ll be doing me in.”
    He turned back and smiled, so intolerably calmly
    And told me: “Don’t stand in the wind.”


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