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  1. Can u tell me about your reapplication to cam? How did it go?
  2. Hey,

    I'm a postgraduate coming from America looking for a flat to stay - also going to LSE this term. If the flat is available and you are interested message me.
  3. Hey I'm looking for accommodation too, when do you want to move out though?
  4. Hey
    Seems like I can't PM you, cz you've got 2 many messages in your inbox.
    This is abt the accommodation near Euston.
  5. social policy and rosebery, wbu?
  6. Also London, brap indeed.
  7. LSE fresher? What you studying.
  8. Ah right did not know that. The name was actally just completely random, only found out later that it's apparently a norse god and now its a plant as well
  9. Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore, Billy Talent, Escape The Fate :yy:

  10. Yes I am going to LSE and yes am asian although haven't got a clue how you got that from loki

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  • About ice_dragoness274

    Where I study
    Student, Voluntary Refugee Teacher (Maths and Science)
    Lindt Truffles
    Star Sign
    About me
    I've lived in Pakistan for 4/5 years and Switzerland for one....mais, malheureusement, j'ai oublié tout le français que j'ai su

    And having looked into the issue, I support the [B]Palestinian cause and am against the Israeli Occupation (*See my signature)[/B}. Politically, I guess I'm pretty left wing ....feel free to debate if you've got a problem with that!
    Academic Info
    I enjoy eating pencils in my spare time (Y).
    Got 9A* 1A at GCSE. Damn you Art teacher, damn you :P

    UCAS:Cambridge - PPS, Robinson College (Pooled...bladrinz I beg you fish me out, it's bare longtingz swimming in here! There was a 1:20 offers:applicants ratio this year for PPS :O! )
    LSE - International Relations (Offer -AAA)
    Durham - Politics/I.R. (Offer - AAA)
    Warwick - Politics and I.R. (Offer- AAB)
    SOAS - Politics and Development Studies (Offer - AAA)
    Badminton <3 (hopefully gonna play for middlesex next year!)
    Music <333 (Greenday, Billy Talent, The Killers, Elliot Minor, Escape The Fate, Rihanna, an infinite number I can't list here) etc..


    Recently, I've gotten in to some rap, hip hopGrime etc.! Thanks to a combination of NDubz, Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah and my cousin's addiction to ChannelU o_O

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