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  1. A little birdy told me... hardly difficult to guess though
  2. You don't know mine? And also I can't remember your last name
  3. Nope, your first name begins with a V though
  4. I used to go to the gym but stopped. I plan to restart, starting next Monday.
  5. i joined :P
  6. It's survivable - I'm still here. 2nd Year is, imo, better than 1st year. I had more time, got into the swing of things, and got to know chemistry (as opposed to hall) people better. Although that's countered a bit by not living in halls so there's commute to consider too.

    Between 1st and 2nd year there were a handful of dropouts. Although some of them were people going to serve National Service in the Korean Army. 2nd year had a couple of people failing. But it's not like a purge/slaughter!
  7. hmm not really, I found it so incredibly easy , just do all the past papers etc. I'm on 29/30 with 1 to go (the 10 mark qualitative.) And I decided I might as well finish my further maths a-level, I need 83 in FP2 to get an A overall, so fingers crossed
  8. haha yep i have! got 146/150 in f325 so on track for an A* hopefully... Somehow screwed up my physics exam in jan and got a C, so retaking that. The hardest part of my offer is the A in physics for me
  9. Hopefully! Though I am quite useless at languages
    Good choice (Imp is awesome!)
    I have now, I get logged out automatically though! Always a pain!
  10. "I have been PM'ing a first year chemist at Imperial, while I know that Chemistry is going to be a lot of hard work, he told me there is no time to socialise, and that all the time we will be doing work. Is that true? I don't mind the extremely hard work I will be doing but I was just wondering."

    I don't think that's true at all. He must be doing something wrong! In 3rd Year there seems to be not much time to socialise, but it's certainly still doable. People are heavily involved in Stoic (TV), Radio, Sports etc. Or just prefer to go to the pub.
    To me, 2nd year was probably my favourite. 1st year is a big jump up (further maths *will* help you!) with workshops and stuff, but by 2nd year you're into the swing of things, and know a bit more about labs.

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