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  1. hi howard.. i'm responding 2 my initial post about QS student help. are u currently in a position to offer ur knowledge on an assignment i'm currently working on?
  2. You do realise that your avatar is a parody of the Good Night White Pride movement, and is used primarily by Neo-Nazis... right?
  3. oops, i should really think before negging subs...
  4. Rege Satanas indeed my brother!
  5. Howard
    No I won't rep you. I'm not really into that.

    But to be frank I do think that you are incredibly easily offended. Maybe you should man up a bit? Or just join the conversation and make your opinion known rather than hit the rep button in future.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, I have poor connection and had to search for your post so I knew what you were talking about.
  7. I only negged you because I took offences when you said:

    There will always be a few fruitcakes who convert to a eastern religions for a time before becoming bored with it a year down the line.

    The fact of the matter is you offended me and probably quite a few other Muslims that read your post. Sorry if you disagree that's just how I felt. You can neg me if you want.
  8. Hi Howard

    From looking at the threads I understand you have some experience in QS and the construction industry...I was wondering if you could help me. Just wanted to know what you think about QS'ing and construction in America? I am a 3rd yr qs student and have been looking around on the internet but there does not seem to be much going on in America in terms of quantity surveyors. Is it easy / hard to get a job over there? Any help at all will be much appreciated, Thanks, Matt
  9. Hello Howard,

    What do you know of Catholicism in England during the 16th and 17th century?

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