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  1. Dear Melz0r,
    I was surfing through the internet to enlighten myself upon the subjects of lexis and semantics and my eyes fell upon one of your posts. The way you had enumerated the differences between the two turned out to be extremely conducive for me in my A-Level English Language studies. Thanks a tonne!

    Could I trouble you a bit more to know - What are the essential features to include in a commentary for the English Language AS-Level (8693) question and a basic structure I can follow for the writing the commentary?

    I know its a lot to ask but your inputs and advice would be pivotal for my success in the the coming exams in May. Expecting your reply.
  2. Hi, I'm at Cambridge doing MML and I was just wondering how you organised such a good year abroad placement? Was it through the faculty or did you do it independently? Are you studying at ENS or teaching? Thanks.
  3. Many thanks for your comments on my Personal Statement, don't worry about seeming super-harsh - I completely understand. If I were to have a few questions regarding your comments would you be willing to answer them (I realise that I am eating into your time)?
    Many thanks again,
  4. Hi Mel I have some questions about applying for History at Cambridge. I have an IB prediction of 44-45 with History Economics and Mathematics (possible 6) at a higher level. I also have an A level on Maths and an outstanding on Step 1. Of course I also have numerous awards, distinctions and other background info etc.
    a) Is the IB at a disadvantage in relation to A-levels? Would I face a problem because they take fewer IB applicants?
    b) Would I be granted an interview? Are my qualifications good enough?
    c) What colleges did you apply for? Does it matter if apply to Trinity or Downing even though Downing has better admission rates on History? Would Trinity be too far because the top students will apply there?
    d) If my interview goes well what kind of an offer would I expect to get?
    e) What are my chances of being pooled?
    f) You think I can make it?
    g) What were your qualifications, what did they offer you and do you have any specific tips I should follow?
  5. Hello I'm thinking of applying to do French and German at Cambridge, and seeing you on the Current students database just made my day! If you could answer any of these, I'd be very grateful

    1) What other universities did you apply to, and what made Cambridge stand out for you?

    2) What's Emmanuel like? I saw Downing on the open day and loved it, but apparently Emma is meant to be amazing.

    3) Which would you say is the best college for MML? You can defend Emmanuel, if you wish!

    4) Which colleges are the best for doing drama outside of studying?

    5) What are the highlights of MML?

    6) What was your interview like? How long did you have to speak in your target language? What sorts of questions came up? What was the written test like?

    7) For the schoolwork, what do the admissions tutors expect? In my school the word count for essays is 240-270 words, and I'm not sure if that's enough Do they criticise too many mistakes?

    I'm sorry for the rush of questions!
  6. Hi Mel!

    I'm sure you've got loads on right now, but I've just got a quick question about your application! I see that you're reading French and German and I hope to French and Russian (ab initio) at either Emma or Christ's but I'm having trouble finding a literary niche to tap into with regards to my application.

    I was wondering what books/topic areas you referenced in your personal statement? I'm weary of going down the Voltaire/Camus etc route and I wanted to try something more original and different but I'm equally scared of launching myself into the deep end of literature with little to help me!

    Again, sorry to bug you like this! Thank you!
  7. Ok I will try and ignore my grade paranoia by reading lots (because I do not think it is curable!). Thanks a lot
  8. Hi there I know that this is really annoying but I'm going to apply to Cambridge next year for MML and am totally grade paranoid. Could you possibly send me yours?! Also how are you finding the university and course? Thanks a lot
  9. I just randomly clicked on your fresher's blog and am completely in love with it! Your style of writing is very friendly and just plain ol' lovely Friend request pretty, pretty please? :rolleyes:

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