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  1. Yeah you should be just fine if you keep the effort the same Yeah I guess if you want to teach on TV you'll need a PhD... I guess Dr Brian Cox seems to be doing pretty well for himself! I wouldnt mind ending up in such a situation myself but i'd rather research cutting edge technology. Well I guess this summer doesn't have so long to go but try and get some research at your uni in a field your interested in to see if the phd world is the one for you I haven't started yet, start on 1st Sept, so excited! The stuff i'm going to be doing sounds so cool though and 2 years will be spent working and living in Singapore! You got many hobbies and in many societies?
  2. Blimey third year...that seems like ages ago to me! Looks like you're doing brilliant though, hope you keep doing just as well! you tried to get any work experience on tv shows at all? sorry i thought i'd just say hello...never really spoken to anyone on here properly before
  3. I see you're from Caaaaardiff as well :beard:
  4. :wavey:

    How's things?
  5. anytime xx
  6. dinosaur tamer ehh...hows that treating you lol

    p.s followed you on tumblr
  7. gorgeous !!!!!1
  8. Meh I only sub in the holidays when I seem to have a tonne of spare time anyways, the back room is a bit of a laugh.

    Where you studying?
  9. For some reason I thought you were a TSR sub, I was wrong You've been here since 08 though.. impressive xxx
  10. Thanks for the request as well x

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  • About Kezzi

    Kezzi Rose
    Where I study
    Cardiff University
    Dinosaur Tamer and Rock-Licker
    Somewhere on the spectrum
    Star Sign
    About me
    i'm kezzi, and i lick rocks.
    earth science | cardiff university

    i'm a pocket-sized twenty-one year-old, born and bred in the stunning, sheep-nibbled forest of dean in england.
    i come from a village where the only person with an ASBO is the milkman, and attended the same school as the wonderful j.k. rowling.

    i'm studying for a four-year masters degree in earth science, and right now am looking into teaching or research for when i graduate.

    i'm considered a bit of a guru when it comes to studying for exams and getting great results, so if you need any advice on how to kick-start your revision and what methods you could use, don't hesitate to ask!

    oh, and I have a habit of wearing dinosaur masks and false moustaches to concerts.

    Academic Info

    degree course
    earth science MESci

    current year of study

    marks achieved so far
    1st year: first class
    2nd year: first class
    3rd year: first class

    AS/A2 results
    geography | A/A
    maths mechanics | A
    physics | A/A
    chemistry | A/B

    GCSE results
    winter mornings, summer nights, heavy rain, starry skies, mugs of tea, cosy socks, nintendo, classic rock.

    ♫ queen ♪ hollywood undead ♪ santana ♫
    ♫ acϟdc ♪ queens of the stone age ♫
    ♡ marina and the diamonds ♡

    photography ♥ singing ♥ harry potter ♥ doctor who ♥ QI ♥ jurassic park

    sir david attenborough, dr. ian malcom and stephen fry are my heroes.

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