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  1. there's already one there but i cant bother, rather just post in the indian one really.

    yeah, we've been woeful, but I think it'll pass in time.
  2. Not great, man united lost, but not bad otherwise. yourself?
  3. Hahaha, cool. Thank you so much for taking the time out to ask your friends about law lectures. It just pretty scaring choosing your firm and insurance choice and im so confused over which uni to choose because i like them all equally but im slightly leaning more over towards LSE and Sussex but then again I do like Warwick too.

    I think with Maths at A2, its just about how much practise you do and also you build from one thing to another which is what i like about it
  4. Okay, well at least that is reassuring. How is maths? I'm loving it at A2 level, does it get a lot harder at degree level? i heard that you had to explain a lot more.
    Please ask some law students, how is law because i'm so confused over which ones to chose?
  5. Thanks . how is sussex overall meaning the people there. The only downside I have about LSE is the fact that the people there might be too arrogant and clever which i don't really want to go to.

    I've chosen to do economics, history, english lit and maths. what do you do at uni?

    btw, are the lectures at Sussex good?
  6. Hopefully she will finish early :P We can all hope
  7. Oh my some of the things they said there! Beyond stupid :P You going to probability at 5?
  8. Ah that's fair enough :P Facebook does control society :P I will be going home on Thursday for Christmas to spend time with my family Won't be back until 17th January though Have to endure probability lectures first!
  9. Hey thanks for the add on here! :P What happened to your facebook page? Seany
  10. Miro certainly knows what he's doing. I'm just grateful it seems more straightforward than Analysis 1! Maybe I should read his lecture notes and begin to love Analysis more My facebook is

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