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  1. I have no idea! I have my train tickets to come back on the 8th just to make life easy. They haven't yet announced times for your arrival back in the UK, i bet we don't get them until the last minute :l so glad my brother lives in London
  2. 18:45 sounds good. I'd rather be early just so that I know I'm there on time, don't even wanna imagine missing the coach!
  3. Hi, I'm just on my mobile phone at work @ the moment and can't read this very well. Will have a good look at that message tomorrow and reply!!
  4. :l i was gonna leave kings cross at 7 or 8 at the latest cos i don't know how long it will take to get to this place / dont know if i will get lost or what not :s
  5. Hiya! I'd be more than happy to meet at Kings Cross! I don't fancy braving the tubes alone, too far! I read the train leaves at 11:30 so I'd like to get there for like 10:00, at the very latest.. to be honest I wouldn't mind going for like 8 or something and sitting in a bar or summit (sounds like others are doing similar!) just so that I know I'm there and have no worries.. Didn't you book your tickets for like 12?
  6. So so tired :l (been on nights then back on day shift ughhh). Yeah I just took what they offered, figured it must be OK to say the least, surely???
  7. :coffee: my fav ;D this will be me tonight at work
  8. I’ve only ever been out for a curry about 3 times in my life, dunno if I mentioned in a previous message but I just found out how to cook them from scratch about a week ago, the hardest part is going to the shop to look for the spices. I can’t imagine town being very good on a Monday, a few years ago you could go out pretty much any night of the week and it would be good.. But these days unless you go out on a Thurs, Fri or Sat there’s nothing going on.

    God, I went out last night to digital in town and I just remembered that I was sick :l... Then went to dixy chicken and walked home. Woke up fully clothed with all the bloody lights on in the house. Got work tonight too, really can’t be bothered

    I’m still alive so them noises must have just been wind rather than a mass murderer trying to kill us. We’re both allowed to sleep at work if we want, well not really ‘allowed’ but we would only get the sack if we didn’t wake up when the radio goes off. When I’m working a few night shifts in a row I convert the back room in the garage into my bedroom, got a little camp bed & electric heater etc Some times you keep getting woken up but if you try your luck and get your head down then occasionally you can get 4-5 hours! We were on station from 11pm until 6am a couple of months back! At Hexham I’ve done a couple of shifts where we haven’t turned a wheel

    I’ll bring a few movies Just downloaded tonnes and tonnes.
  9. I think my train goes to those stations bar Hartlepool (what a dump!).

    When I bought my last railcard they told me that if I lose it and have the receipt I can get a new one for a fraction of the price, but I never keep receipts even tho I probably should. Can't believe how much money they save me.. Not looking forward to when I turn 26 ... Had a moment of depression earlier at work when i realised I'll be 23 in 2 months ugh.

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? You have no passport!?? God I'd get a move on with that!! I've got mine all sorted, with amy my bits and bobs on a shelf in my wardrobe. Just need ski socks and some practical shoes I think.

    I just got 2 assignments finished for uni simultaneously the other night, planned on moving onto an engineering module which hasn't happened yet. Had a letter (along with most other people from work) saying that I haven't done the mandatory NHS e-learning stuff on the computer and if I didnt have it done by the end of the month then I'll lose 7 hours holiday, get put on a warning & taken off the road.. So thought I'd best get that done as a priority! Me and the guy I'm working with tonight have rattled it off in about 4 hours (cheated like ;P), it's meant to take 7. So so so so boring!! Health and safety crap, but that's my mini-rant over :l

    Quite scared on station actually, we're in a fire station which has nobody in (they are retained) the guy I'm working with is in bed, it's 4am.. and no word of a lie i keep hearing footsteps!!!

    Downloaded that film 'the sitter' yesterday and thought it was terrible, you seen it? Normally I quite like them sort of films but just wasn't feeling it with that one.
  10. They sound pretty cool! I'm guessing they're not around in Newcastle ! I just wouldn't take the risk of not getting the 12:00 train tickets!! It all seems mickey mouse at the moment.. Imagine if they said they were picking up at 8am in Manchester and getting to London for 1pm!! :P I can't believe you've only just bought an under 25 rail card?? :O

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