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  1. Sorry for what exactly?
  2. Hahaha I've noticed that; a lot of people saying they love Disney movies just for the sake of saying it, if that makes much sense.

    I'm Violet, by the way. And I can't stop staring at that minion- too adorable for words
  3. No girl I know is even interested in Disney movies, let alone in love with them! Haha, but good point.
  4. Hahaha that's not sad! What's sad is being able to recall the lines of most Disney movies :/

    I can recite the majority of the Lion King, for example. Very sad.
  5. I meant the minion. I spent the majority of my time 'aaaw'ing over them when watching Despicable Me

    And it is indeed sad
  6. I love your picture! God, he's adorable.

    And I teared up a little when I saw Pikachu's crestfallen face on your About Me :/

    Aha sorry if I sound creepy, but it's just too cute to ignore
  7. I thought your post on religion was excellent: kudos to you!
  8. The dog story in your About Me made me cry.

  9. Milky Milk
    ToastyCoke sounds like Toast and Coke. What a delicious combo :sexface: ... With Nutella on top however...
  10. omdz u have the little guys from despicable me as ur pic...they are so awesome!

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