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  1. you are one clever mofo
  2. Hylean
    That thread makes me die a little inside.
  3. Hylean
    So now I've taken part.
  4. Hylean
    I agree with the Provos at the start of the Troubles. I find my agreement lessening as the conflict went on. I can understand their stance and the vocab choices, even if I find myself not wholeheartedly agreeing with it all.

    That said, I can understand Loyalists as well, like, so.
  5. Hylean
    Perhaps, but there are just as many, if not more, who think it's depressing that we think the way we do about the issue, not to mention how Republicans or dissidents think about the issue. :dontknow:

    Whilst you know what I think of the issue, sometimes I think there's no real right or wrong in the issue.
  6. Hylean
    I don't think I'll be taking part in that sham of a thread. I liked how you completely deconstructed the "democratic" argument, smoothly done. :yy:
  7. Hylean
    I wish I could rep you more.
  8. indeed.

    Dudde... I have no friggin idea how to drive. I'm going to end up my classics teacher who just never ever learned how :teehee:

    I can imagine.. it's bad enough from Scotland, let alone the emerald isle! D:

    Me too actually.. it hit me how it'll pretty be much like moving house and it'll be a **** load of work D:
  9. I was cut right to the heart medbh :cry:

    I understand x Mehhhhhhh, good but not great at the same time. Up's and downs since dad has moved out. I have to say I missed my family a lot.. but now I miss my boyf too....doh.

    awesome :B Went to Sainsbury's and bought pretty much everything haha Just need to send a cheque from freshers' week and that's me sussed (rooms are sorted when you get there)... also gonna try do some reading to get me in da mood for work again :excited:

    How you feeling for Ox? :sexface:
  10. Hylean
    Totally. That's fine. I won't have access to the form until Christmas, so if I have to talk about it with anyone before then, now I know.

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    Besides, me and Grainne can be quite good at 'multitasking'. ESPECIALLY DOUBLE TASKING.
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