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  1. We should create our own independence party. This **** is so easy! :P
  2. Haha! Really? What a silly reason. I got my first card the other day for "avoiding the swear filter" when I posted some stock photos with pornhub comments on someone's profile. :lol:
  3. Ha! You should take it a step further, wear a thong or some lacey pants the next time you see her and be sure to bend over or something to reveal part of it. :giggle:
  4. Hahahaha! The only reason I ever used that line on a friend was
    when her boyfriend broke up with her because she refused to give him anal and he refused to have normal sex with her. :lol: which I think is slightly justified haha.
    But yeah, you turned her down a few years ago and she's still telling others that she thinks you're gay? Hilarious. :lol: I suppose if it helps them cope. :toofunny:
  5. Thanks for the rep btw
  6. hi there mate. Could I ask your opinion on something.
    How mathsy would you say this course is?
  7. ill be your friend man, we don't have to be randoms

    ps. you helped me with my PS, does that count?
  8. yo bud, what's your facebook?
  9. I think I remember you, it was either in a PualWhy economics thread or one i made under a different username about getting into Manchester uni . Anyway hope lifes treatin ya well
  10. Just wondering did you used to have a wolf as your avatar.

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