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  1. I take it you passed everything? remember seeing you post something about not being on the retake list! congrats!!
  2. I played it it's so good! I did get pretty much slaughtered though LOL but I did improve drastically after a while. Really good game and so addictive :P
  3. omg my friend has the new Mario Kart, I'm going to go to his house to play it :woo:
  4. Omg I want a Wii U so I can play Mario Kart 8 it looks so fuuuun!

    I did the mistake of downloading minecraft yesterday... Whelp there goes my revision :/ lol thanks lets hope it all goes well for all of us!
  5. Haha good good time to get stuck in! Unless you have to resit but hopefully it won't come to that ahhh man good luck, hope it goes well! My exams are at the end of June, had a mock OSCE the other day and I'm so nervous about the real one :/ OSCEs are hard. lol
  6. just realised i never responded to your last message! D:
    how is Pokemon X? I've heard that its good, might end up getting it later in the summer to play on my bf's 3DS. I have a huge backlog of games to play as well, but lately I'm just playing oldie-retro ones cause I can get an emulator for them on my tablet Assassins creed is an awesome game - only watched it get played though.

    You're a final year medic right? Or are you a doctor now
  7. I know right!

    What other games have you played I've just recently gotten into Fire Emblem
  8. Yeah I'd imagine :P also ALBW is amazing, one of the only games I've felt compelled to do 100% (all heart pieces and stuff) xD
  9. I have an emulated version of the Gamecube version :3 it is awesome, I bet it looks even better HD :P I've been watching a couple of videos by Peanut Butter Gamer on it though, even on youtube it looks awesome!
  10. True. But thankfully there hasn't been any new game releases for a while when A Link Between Worlds came out I literally didnt come out of my room for like a week...

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    You'll mostly find me listening to death metal, or playing Xbox Live (gamertag: Dr Mushi)
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    Culverhay School '07:
    Biology (A)
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    Hayesfield School '07:
    Physics (A)

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    Chemistry (A)

    Medicine (re)application '09:

    Bristol - Interviewed 22/01 - Rejected
    Oxford (LMH) - Interviewed - Rejected
    Southampton - Rejected
    King's College London - Interviewed 20/01 - UNCONDITIONAL 09/02/09

    Bristol (Neuroscience) - Withdrawn

    Medicine application '08:

    Bristol - Interviewed - Rejected
    Southampton - Rejected
    Cardiff - Rejected
    Birmingham - Rejected
    Music, guitar, gaming, general geekery

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