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  1. Lewis' politics were heavily influenced by the Jewish Labour Bund, which contributed to his support of parliamentary democracy. He was an avowed anti-communist, and while a Rhodes Scholar prevented communist domination of the Oxford University Labour Club. In Canada, he played a major role in removing communist influence from the labour movement.

    Australia's Outback Opals
  2. In 1251, his eldest brother Möngke became Khan of the Mongol Empire, and Khwarizmian Mahmud Yalavach and Kublai were sent to China.
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    vince delmonte
  3. Warrior King
    Ah my faith in you has been restored. I despise the man thoroughly!
  4. Warrior King
    People like Gandhi, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, JFK etc all did what they did because they genuinely believed the situation at that time was unfair and unjust and sought to rectify that. They were truly inspirational people.

    Maybe my view is biased but as a proud Brit but also of Indian heritage, I can't for the life of me bring myself to respect a man who was so determined to erode away the rights and freedom of Indian people and whose views on race were no more than a stringent of The Fuhrer's.
  5. Warrior King
    I pos repped you based solely on the fact you're a fellow Labour supporter but was appalled you would even compare someone like Winston Churchill with greats such as MLK, Obama and Eddy. Churchill was nothing but a racist, pompous, bigotted, narrow-minded, ignorant, lousy excuse for a leader and whilst he did a great job fighting of Hitler and co, he was found to be a rubbish PM thereafter being booted twice out of office. Churchill didn't do what he did because he genuinely held any sort of values that people are equal or deserve to be free, he did it because it was his duty as PM
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  7. Thanks for your input on the Anti-Semitism thread, it was good to see a poster who actually knew what they were talking about amongst all the ignorance going round there.
  8. I occasionally make forum posts, why?
  9. You better, or I'll report you to HQ I don't know I'm still's like when I was doing a phonebank for David Miliband in the leadership election and a woman accused me of being a Tory spy!
  10. I assume you're Red Milli-bad - can you tell me when you will apologise for the mess Labour left? Or will you ignore this and start with transparent opportunist and populist ramblings?

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