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  1. Hi I have an interview at Queen's for German and Russian, and have latched onto the friendly offer in your sig. Is it likely we'll be asked to discuss politics, history, current affairs etc., or can you steer the discussion to what you feel comfortable with? And if you do steer it, does it put you at a disadvantage as they don't see how well you work out of your comfort zone?

    Your responses to people's visitor messages so far have been really helpful (even though they weren't to me and I feel like a lurker =S), so thanks
  2. I am very excited for my interview but nervous as well! What will you be doing as an interview helper, just general looking after us poor applicants?
  3. What are you supposed to say to "What is literature?" or vague questions like that and "Why are you choosing studying languages at university over going to live in those countries?" and horrible open-ended stuff like that?
  4. Well I hope so
  5. It was primarily a grammar test, with a section of translations in the end (Both French to English and English to French).

    I think it went ok, although there were some parts which in the heat of the half an hour exam, I had a bit of a brain-block about. It's quite hard to tell how I did really, I guess I'll just have to wait to see if I'm lucky enough to get an interview or not.

    The worst thing is that in the exam there were a couple of expressions which I recognised but simply couldn't translate. For example 'en panne'- I had not long used this expression in an essay and it is quite common, but in the exam it escaped me and I ended up saying that the car was 'out of action' when it actually 'broke down'- I had a mini epiphany walking out of the exam and kicked myself for not remembering before. All in all I felt it went well, though

    Well, I hope so anyway!
  6. Ah I see. I am also a lover of 'chanson d'automne'
    Hopefully TSR will let us talk about the MLAT soon!
  7. Aw I'm glad to hear it
    That sounds like such fun, and the lectures sound so interesting!

    Well all my essays are ready, I just need my teacher to fill in the cover sheet section he has to do, and then I'll be sending them. Then it will be a case of waiting to find out if I'm lucky enough to get an interview.

    I'm trying not to get my hopes up to be honest, so I'm throwing myself into my reading- at the moment I'm reading 'Madame Bovary', and I've fallen in love with Verlaine :love:.
    Are you a Verlaine 'fan'?
  8. Hi
    Thank you for asking!
    The mods have banned exam discussion because some of the exams have been postponed in countries which have been affected by flooding

    So I can't tell you yet, sorry
    How is Oxford?
  9. Ok, thanks for the clarification
  10. Ola, Trinity fresher?

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