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  1. I didn't realise it was big on the engineering side. When I was there with CUSU I asked how much maths was involved in the course (as I'm a bit of a maths geek) and was told not a lot.
  2. Yeah, I love the history side of architecture too. I'm going to try and big that up a bit at interview...assuming I get one of course!
  3. Yeah, definately. Are you taking philosophy and ancient history because you enjoy them, or do you think they'll help with architecture?
  4. So are you going to start taking A levels this year in order to apply to Cambridge?
  5. In the end, he showed what the unis are obviously looking for, and that's all that matters really.
  6. Wow, his work is really good. I love his style of drawing...definately very modern and unique. I can see why he was accepted, but yes, I know what you mean about it not being the best.
  7. Ooh, that'd be really helpful thanks. I know how my work compares to people at college, but it'd be good to compare it to someone who's actually successful.
  8. I've never thought about doing a self portrait in photo realism, I just meant I couldn't do it from life with another person. There's not many people willing to sit for 15 or so hours! Do you have any photos of your work I could see?
    The feather piece is inspired by freedom to think and escape- half the face is bland and unendearing, the other covered in feathers. It's quite a delicate piece. And sorry, was meant to write Sheffield not UCL. They ask for a digital portfolio?
  9. Two of the portraits are life drawings (we had a nude model come into college, the other I forced my mum into- not nude thankfully!) Another portrait is an attempt at photo realism, so couldn't possibly be done from life. Another is a fantasy feather thing done over a basic face shape- so it's the creativity behind that rather than being able to draw from life. Do you kno whow many pieces we need for a digital portfolio, at UCL for example?
  10. Wow, the kinetic converter sounds impressive! Maybe aim to go a bit crazy for your portfolio for UCL though. I know that's what I'm doing as I'm more of a technical person myself. I've got quite a few portraits in there (pen, paint, pencil, crayon and one that's a bit of a mixture), a 3D piece that involves painting on layers of Perspex, but I can't seem to photograph it right to make it look as impressive as I think it is, a wire sculpture and a book sculpture made by hollowing out the pages(which I'm doing at the minute). Any ideas for anything else?

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