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  1. Sorry I'd completely forgotten about that! I'll PM you sometime this week, I too have a pile of revision to do (which is now 3 weeks overdue eek!)
    Good luck with your revision
  2. Eh? Most people can trace their family tree in proper written record of numerous sources, certainly to great grandfather stage. Moses? There are records of gengis khan, alexander the great, julius cesar, hannibal of carthage - but no record of a bloke that ran accross the red sea? Strange no? Not obviously if you take superstiton over historical fact. I dont have a problem with other peoples belieifs but dont try and pass them off to me as fact becuase you end up looking stupid.
    Sorry are you denying now muslims believe the story of moses as a baby being floted down the nile??
    Equally cain and abel, and adam the first man are all derived from ancient religious stories carbon dated to about 1000 bc. read the full story of Adapa. The idea of eve being created from adams rib, came form the sumerian EE tablet whcih states that the 'rib goddess created the first women as companion to man.

    Only a simpleton would read the story of Atram-Has, of sumer who was instructed to build a boat and house all the worlds animals to save them from a great flood.then read the same story about Noah in the quran and deny they are the same. Be serious youre suppossed to in full time ed.

    There is more than enough similarities to abrhmic stories and sumerian and babylonians ones - the Great Flood is almost identical in parts to those written 900 years before. Logic dictates they were most likley copied from those sources that were known to people of the time writting bible, quran etc, becuase they have been recorded and passed down. Sure they would have been changed in parts, like the Mithras story has, but there is no denying the obvious. Sorry but dogma relies on lack of education and understanding, do some proper reading. Reason i accept it and you dont is i look from an impartial view of scientific analysis, you are looking at it indoctrinated that doesnt want to admit what he has learnt about the origin of the quran might, just might, be false.
  3. Chill man - Indo-Chinese is just some kid who doesn't really know anything other then the crap the Sun feeds him for breakfast.
  4. Im trying , but you dont have an argument to concentrate on. All you seme to want to do is copy paste the dictionery to prove you understand words im using. So in this this case, highlighting your ignorance is very relevant to the topic being discussed.
    I wasnt talking about linguistics either - what does carbon dating have to do with linguistics?
    You stated the sources i provided were 'after moses was born' carbon dating not only proves they are the oldest versions of all those stories (including the story of moses being floeted down the nile to avoid the phoaroah) But science has alos refuted your "guestimate "of when moses was born, there are ZERO independant records in the history of mankind of Moses ever actually existing. The only information you have for moses came first came formt he jewish old testment. Which isnt a scientifically verified source. SO to base a belief on this (particualrly as you are studying a science for what i assume to be your future career) is either idiotic or hypocritical.

    All the stories i noted bare significant resemblances to those noted in the quran and bible, you would have to be full blown indoctrinated puppet not to accept that. Problem is you dont want to face established facts.
  5. If the thread was a debate about Zakir Naik then I would agree with you about it being inappropriate. But it was just meant to be a bit of fun... The point of memes is to take the mick...
  6. The word is 'clever' not 'claver' And no, but you seem to be the opposite in any case, if you are still pretending that there is evidence for what you claim - when actually there is none, only dogma which hasnt been proved at all. Isnt that a bit sad?
    If you dont believe in the principles of evidenciary proof, why are you studying sciences? seems hypocritical.
    The sumerian and babylonian stories quoted show as much, if not more similarities to those in the quran than the ones you were quoting. Plus it isnt an isolated case, as i demonstrated, can be applied to numerous stories and characters from the quran and old testament. Are trying to pretend that is all coincidence here, but not in the case of Mithras? Again, hypocrite.
    Ive provided "no scientific evidence" what do you call carbon dating archoelogy? Thats not a science now ? lol
    Seriously you clutching at straws is getting embarrassing now.
  7. Re your message "Google when Moses was born" simply gives a best estimate of 1500 odd BC. I asked you to provide the eivdence for your dogma. This estimate is taken directly from the Old Testament. Science and Archeology has PROVEN Babylonian and Sumerian religious tablets and records pre date all abrhamic religions and in fact disprove the OT guess that moses was born 1500bc.
    So therefore, it proves that in fact it was OT, Quran etc that were copying and corrupting the original polyethist storiesm not the other way around

    "That prompted a French reporter to ask about the Exodus, and if the new evidence was linked in any way to the story of Passover. The archaeological remains roughly coincided with the timing of the Israelites' biblical flight from Egypt and the 40 years of wandering the desert in search of the Promised Land.

    "Really, it's a myth," Hawass said of the story of the Exodus, as he stood at the foot of a wall built during what is called the New Kingdom.

    Sometimes the two converge, and sometimes the archaeological record confirms the history of the faithful. Often it does not, however, as Hawass said with detached certainty.

    "If they get upset, I don't care," Hawass said. "This is my career as an archaeologist. I should tell them the truth. If the people are upset, that is not my problem."
    You were showing your ignorance, by pretending the only source of info about moses form jewish religious text, was evidence.

    Science has proven this, and also proven that various pre-islamic religions came up wtht he stories of "moses", adam & eve, genesis, cain and abel etc etc a thousands years before the quran.

    The problem is the dogmatic refuse to accept science, only when it suits the,. Frankly thats laughable seeing as you study sciences in your academic life- very two faced.
  8. It's all just comedy, I'm not engaged in a debate about Zakir Naik, those Zakir Naik memes were just jokes which me and Ayshizzle shared amongst ourselves, in a real and serious debate, I don't use ad hominem to prove my point.
  9. Ayshizzle is also an ex-Muslim atheist like me, and yes, I am getting thrills from Zakir Naik memes, I've never laughed so much at a man since Herman Cain's US Republican presidential campaign. I know what ad hominem is; I took those Zakir Naik memes as nothing but pure comedy, nothing more, nothing less, I hope you're not too upset
  10. I hope I haven't offended you with that page or anything, it was just some lighthearted banter

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