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  1. Hi, sorry haven't been on here much. Yes I did and we spoke quite a bit, I recall telling you had hair as black as a panther
  2. Oh, that picture. I had totally forgotten it was on here. We were at a wedding in Egypt. I didn't assume anything, just asked a question. I don't really understand why it matters.
  3. As I said before, what pictures? I also don't know why my ethnicity matters. Would your opinion of me change depending on my ethnicity?
  4. What pictures? I still don't understand why you are about my ethnicity.
  5. Caucasian. Why?
  6. A very simple one for example:
    We ought not to arbitrarily harm animals because animals can suffer and arbitrary suffering is intrinsically bad.
    This does not mean that animals have some form of universal moral right, or would be subject to any right under law. Instead it would simply mean that one ought not to harm them.
  7. Sure, but you don't need to discriminate with regards to arguments, there's no reason to perpetuate the notion of concentrating merely on animal rights arguments, rather than animal welfare arguments.
  8. I'm pro animal welfare, I'm pro animal interest. On that note I'm a vegan.
    But I'm not in favor of animal rights. Animal rights are encompassed in the animal welfare arguments, as that's broader, but that does not mean that animal welfare is encompassed in animal rights.
    Similarly, I'm a British because I'm English, but I'm not English because I'm British.
  9. Aw, never mind. I don't blame you, I do talk a lot. And yes I'm Libyan, but don't relate that much to Libya. After all, it just means that my parents happened to be born within a patch of land that some colonialists drew on a map. I'm muslim first.
  10. Oh, thanks a lot. I get really happy when someone actually reads my post! And yes, I'm muslim too.

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