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  1. Plato's Trousers
    Please don't neg people for expressing an opinion. It's not grown up and it's not clever.

    (plus it will backfire on you as I have twice your rep power :evil: )
  2. Hey bro, why did you neg me?
  3. Thanks for your logical question.

    I would like to explain you online if you'd like.

    My facebook name is "Abeer Salah".!/

    My skype name is "abeer.salah86

    All the best
  4. Here is my reply and wish to continue our debate in this thread.

    If I am banned, we can debate through facebook if you'd like.

  5. Quran is the words of Allah The One God The Creator, how can you produce the like of His words, His divine words and we are nothing but His creatures?

    He challenges us at all ages to produce the like of His words and He knows that we will never be able to because He is the creator of our minds and the muximum ability of our mind are known by Him.

    What is the criteria?

    If we know, we can break the challenge and produce the like of it and ends Islam and its message.

    The words are between our hands and its meanings and linguitics and bueaty and tune and spirit, yet we can't even reuse the same words and the same meanings and linguitic and method to produce the like of a Surah of Quran.

    This challenge started against the Arabs of Mecca, the masters of Arabic and failed shamefully. Many of them turned to Islam only from hearing the recitation of Quran and that's why the Kafiroon and enemies of the messenger recommended people to close their ears when it is recited for not to be witched!!

    It is a good idea to study the criteria that makes Quran different from human words. If you did it, be sure that this is the first study of that kind.
  6. Interesting discussion BTW. So are you part of the Christian socialist movement?
  7. Don't neg the subs.
  8. I vaguely remember what I said - something about why I think the scientific results gathered by biased institutions, both pro- and anti-gay and / or Christian, cannot be trusted. Anyway, it doesn't really matter now, I guess; I just think you conveyed your points really well, even if we were in disagreement.
  9. The gay marriage forum was closed for some reason; but I'd just like to complement you for arguing your point excellently and with complete logic .
  10. Yes I guess so, although I think that people shouldn't prosthelytize and should just let people make their own minds up.

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