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  1. ha, yep I've been getting quite a lot of neg these days. I actually got up to about 4green gems, but then I lost a couple and thought, **** it, its much more fun like this. Seems every thread I make these days is hit with a hail storm of neg ha. Well I don't think I'll have many other nominations other than yours but thanks anyway.

    Hows the holidays going?
  2. Hi, I see you know a fair amount about AQA Business Studies. Could you please offer me tips on BUSS3??!!?!?
  3. Hi! I have just submitted the best version of my PS. I used all your tips and I would be grateful if you could give me a final comment! Thanks well in advance!
  4. Sorry. Accidental neg.
  5. Thanks. And yeah i know, but thats probly just wishful thinking i reckon it wud be BBB pediction, what do u reckon for that ?
  6. Hey - I was browsing the Essex Uni forum and saw a post where you mentioned being a first year Politics student. I've still got my first year books in pristine condition; will be selling them cheaper than Amazon/Waterstones/etc. if you're interested when you get to Uni?
  7. I just guess who negged me then neg them
  8. I got like +80 rep yesterday too haha so neggers have no effect
  9. I neg subs because

    A) They get mad

    B) My neg hurts
  10. :flutter:

    I finally understand what your profile picture was when I saw it on a card at work. I may revenge neg the girl below for you

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    Where I study
    Cambridge ... Yep
    I got no job.
    Straight !!
    Star Sign
    About me
    Quite nice and like to eat.
    Academic Info
    AS-level: ABBC
    A2-level: ABC (Yep, don't ask me! )

    University of Essex
    BA(Hons) Politics 2011-2014

    1st Year Modules
    Introduction to Politics (30 points)
    Introduction to European Politics (30 points)
    The Enlightenment (30 points)
    Introduction to the History of Europe in 20th Century (15 points)
    Introduction to United States (15 points)
    Being with my loved one
    Listening to music
    Going out
    Also, TSRing and EATING!!
    Spiders!!! (Although I like Spiderman!)
    Revising (I have always been forced to do it since Year 10)
    Being forced to do things I do not want to

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