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  1. Well, it's one of my many skills; being able to type CORRECTLY (not almost) while under the influence.

    It must be an Irish thing
  2. yes indeedy

    haven't you heard that before?
  3. I'm pretty wasted right now street.l

    how r ye, long time no speak
  4. hey there...:sexface:
  5. Its ok, I keep forgetting your around and remember when I see one of your posts :flutter:
  6. :flutter:
  7. mangoh
    what do you get if u win a tournament anyways?
  8. Hey. Nope he's an idiot! I don't know why I bother tbh, but I think its right that someone can spread just rubbish around without being challenged about it. Oh well.
  9. Hey, hows the revision going for Unit 4 geog on Friday?
    I'm so scared did a practice essay for my teacher and she said it's rubbish haven't structured it like a report...let's revise together again! lol
  10. Motorbiker
    Hey, i only became a mod about 2 weeks ago... Forgot about the arcade tournaments as well and i got knocked out of the pokemon one even though i'd already played 3 rounds and was waiting for the other guy to play...

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    Where I study
    Cambridge ... Yep
    I got no job.
    Straight !!
    Star Sign
    About me
    Quite nice and like to eat.
    Academic Info
    AS-level: ABBC
    A2-level: ABC (Yep, don't ask me! )

    University of Essex
    BA(Hons) Politics 2011-2014

    1st Year Modules
    Introduction to Politics (30 points)
    Introduction to European Politics (30 points)
    The Enlightenment (30 points)
    Introduction to the History of Europe in 20th Century (15 points)
    Introduction to United States (15 points)
    Being with my loved one
    Listening to music
    Going out
    Also, TSRing and EATING!!
    Spiders!!! (Although I like Spiderman!)
    Revising (I have always been forced to do it since Year 10)
    Being forced to do things I do not want to

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