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  1. He's black!? LOLWUT
  2. Billy Mitchell????????? Who's Connor? The 7-year-old??? x0x0x
  3. I haven't watched EE in like 2-3 weeks. I've missed so much. Tell me everything that's happened innit 'til before tonight's episode.
  4. Nah just planet TSR
    Been gooooood you?
  5. sorry but i don't talk to kutrichods.
  6. just like you innit. x0x0x
    My sleeping pattern is ****ed, I had like 2 assignments due in today/yesterday so when I got back I slept and now I have no sleep left innit. WTF are you doing up so late?
  7. no m8. She looked soooo like you, even wore glasses, she was wearing the most tight top ever and her tits were pointing out. astaghfirullah. x0x0x
  8. I saw some slut who looked like you today on the train.
  9. <33
  10. what word is "****"? Sexy? Thanks. x0x0x

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    Since 14/12/09.

    (Original post by *MJ*)
    I love you baby,
    I wish to sit next to you,
    and eat jalebi. :cookie:

    I must say,
    you are the perfect kuri,
    you light up my night,
    just like a pari. :girl:

    I speak from the heart,
    as it doesn’t tell a lie,
    I asked him about you,
    and he replied ‘Oh my’...:fan:

    Such an amazing girl,
    with the prettiest smile,
    we should walk on a beach,
    for a many mile. :dancing:

    Not to mention,
    taking your hand,
    go back to six,
    and play in the sand. :puppyeyes:

    Taking these moments,
    out of the picture frame,
    going back to mine,
    to play lovegame. :perv:

    Ladipidoo I must say,
    you have made my life,
    I want to take you home,
    and make you my wife. :heart:

    You signify perfection,
    like nobody can,
    my life without you,
    would feel like a ban. :daydreaming:

    We should bhangra
    and together dance,
    I love you girl,
    and this is my chance. :bhangra:

    So I grasp it quickly,
    and hope you like,
    before I take you,
    on my new bike. :handkiss:

    I end this poem,
    with a short line,
    I love you miss,
    and dayum you’s fine. :love:

    I love you Ladipidoo! :suith:
    Academic Info
    (Original post by Crazy Paving)
    Ladipidoo's avatar is now small
    Why did you change it you fool?
    It's exactly the same
    you just lost the game
    :sub: so it will rule
    (Original post by sango)
    Ladipidoo where do I start?
    Well from you I don’t want to part.
    You are the sunniest character,
    You can be my master.
    But seriously you are so cool, :cool:
    I’m honoured you want to use my tool, :hugs:
    The ability to craft stanzas,
    Which will give you some answers,
    About what I think of you,
    I do hope you like me too.
    You are beautiful to me, :flutter:
    Just like you I want to be. :daydreaming:
    (Original post by In2deep)

    Ladipidoo! Our South Asian Queen :flutter:
    Her posts are quite naughty; all the other girls are green
    The boys are dazzled, they want her real bad :dice:
    But she ain’t having it, she’s a goody two-shoes-Lad :teehee:
    I nearly cancelled my holiday just to see her at the meet
    It was actually to meet h-star again, without you I am incomplete.
    You lied to me and said you had a pair
    I stalked for ages to find the truth ‘cos I care
    How this will end I have no idea
    But my dream is for me and you to elope to North Korea :love:

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