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  1. BondFinanceBond
    Hi there.

    I hope that your GS interview went well. Can you please comment on the structure of the interview?

  2. are you at imperial?
  3. LOL - that you think you are clued up about IB - when you know jack sh*t. Good luck trying to get a job in the industry pal, you really are going to need it
  4. i_hate_teeth
    lol and the rumor mill continues, will it ever stop?
  5. This kid hasn't even finished his A levels and probably hasn't even stepped foot in an investment bank, yet he has the nerve to talk like he knows about investment banking and put others down. For the good of yourselves and the good of humanity, I would strongly advise you don't listen to a word he says.
  6. Hey, uploaded the paper and did feedback:

    Good luck
  7. Would you like to post the answer of S2 just after the test?
    I want to correct it!
    THX a lot!!!
    Can I get your MSN id?
  8. Yeah, man, explain the story behind your conditional at ICL and the unconditional at UCL!
  9. I want to work at the Goldman Sachs.
  10. Yeah PAtrick YEAHH
    Let's slice some foools

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