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  1. It's ok I guess

    Bit random?
  2. Oh and

    Just thought I'd start an argument
  3. Yeah I actually rate that, but I don't mind Chipmunk

    Only problem is... He's our most recognised rapper, so when the US think of British rappers, he's what they see. Which lets be fair he ain't our best.

    You heard that?

    Rotten >>>
  4. You should hang around more in D&D then! Thank you!
  5. January. Why do you ask? :holmes:
  6. Sorry for the delay again, lol exams and LA Noire on PS3 have been keeping me away.

    I'm sure you know already but the Jordan 3 True Blues are coming out on June 4th which is a Saturday so i'm deffo gonna try and cop a pair.

    Other than that my focus is on Janoski's really only got into them, but I prefer them somewhat to Vans Vulcanised 106s?

    Hows it going? Copped anything recently?
  7. Yeah man loooool

    Type "Scumbag Logan" into google
  8. You'll get a punch in the nose like BLAM...

  9. umad bro?

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    My penis is longer than my forearm.
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    I have no qualifications at all.

    I masturbated in French lessons.

    KS1 SATs - 333

    KS2 SATs - 555

    KS3 SATs: 8 - Maths, 7 - English, 7 - Science

    ^^^That's right, I'm so cool^^^

    GCSEs: 6A*5A1B
    AS: AAAB
    A2 August 2009: ABC (resitting due to problems during exams)
    A2 January 2010 predictions: A*A

    UCAS Law M100 2009:
    Kings College London - Unsuccessful
    Queen Mary, UoL: AAA (insurance)
    University of Bristol: AAA (declined)
    University of Kent: Withdrawn
    University of Warwick: AAA (firm)

    UCAS Law M100 2010:
    University College London
    Queen Mary, UoL - AA
    University of Birmingham - AA
    University of Exeter - AA
    University of Warwick

    Law 2010

    :hmmmm: :hmmmm: :hmmmm: :hmmmm: :hmmmm: :hmmmm2: :hmmmm2: :hmmmm2: :hmmmm2: :hmmmm2: University of Birmingham - AA
    :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: Queen Mary, University of London - AA

    A Levels: AAA

    January 2010 - All retakes:
    History Unit 5 - 86/90
    History Unit 6 - 117/120
    Maths C1 - 100/100
    Maths C2 - 99/100
    Maths C3 - 97/100
    Maths C4 - 79/100
    In my spare time, I like to wear shoes, tap dance, be on stage, hold hands, pinky swear, play wii sports, cuddle bunnies, give hickeys, climb pipes, write poetry, wear spandex, go to the Pineapple Dance studio, learn new languages, read etc.

    If you're into any of that, let me know.


    Xbox 360 - MW2 - 13 kill streak bitches.

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