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  1. Hi there,

    I am really sorry to keep bothering you with questions (asked a fair few on one thread!) but feel that I would be a bit of an idiot to not ask questions of someone who is quite obviously 'in the know' about UK History departments.

    I was wondering if you had any insight with regards to the KCL War Studies department? Am getting closer to choosing my 5 Universities/courses and I really must say War Studies at Kings looks fascinating - indeed it has caught my eye over other History courses!

    Thanks a lot (and please do tell me to buzz off if you want, as I am sure you do have better things to do than advise yet another prospective uni student :rolleyes: )!
  2. Would just like to say I found the links in your signature really interesting to read, thanks for putting them there!
  3. And if I'm sued into submission, I can still come home to this?
  4. Hey,

    Ive just joined TSR but Ive looked at a lot of forums and you really seem to be the big contributor on history forums.

    So i was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I am currently looking into studying history in the UK. The list i am trying to narrow down to apply to:
    - KCL
    - LSE (history/ history with IR)
    - Exeter
    - Edinburgh
    - Durham
    - Warwick
    - St Andrews

    I am kind of shying away from St Andrews because of the limitations of studying history in the first two years and I was curious how edinburgh degree structure was like.

    I am really interested in being able to have more freedom in what periods to study and am really interested in focusing on the 1900s (WWII, rise of third reich, great depression, not sure exactly yet)

    I would really appreciate any feedback you would have on any of these schools. Im taking my mocks soon for my predicted grades so hoping to meet the entry requirements for all these schools!

    Thanks so much

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    The University of Glasgow; Balliol College, Oxford University; Yale University
    AHRC Doctoral Student and PT Lecturer/Tutor in Modern History
    Straight, the last time I checked.
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    I study/have studied on both sides of the Scottish/English Border, at two of the oldest universities in the world, and I've spent more time on trains than just about anyone recently. Other than that, us graduate students tend to have fairly little to moan about. Oh, except deadlines, and funding, and research, and classes before midday.

    I teach American and European History at two universities to first and second year students.

    I used to work for the NHS. I had too much responsibility and too little ability. Thankfully, I don't think any of my decisions killed anyone.

    I also used to moderate this place. It was meh.
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    A few As at school don't mean anything at university.

    TSR's continued obsession with university league tables is pretty goddamn tedious. How does awarding points for the amount of 1sts/2:1s you give out and taking points off for those that drop out make any sense? Shouldn't we just give away degrees for free?

    If you really must know:

    Then you'll have to ask. I have a couple of degrees and some other stuff, but that's about it. A big chunk of being successful at anything is down to luck, and I've had a fair bit of that.

    I know a fair whack about history and economics departments though, if pushed, so I might be able to help out there. I can (probably) at least offer a couple of pointers on how to sharpen AHRC/ESRC proposals up, but don't expect too much.

    See the links in my signature. If it stops people worrying about a couple of dozen places in a league table, then I'm happy. I've had enough 'Leeds vs Exeter' or 'Liverpool vs York' threads in my time, thanks. I also don't have the time to answer PMs about which university to pick either, sorry.
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