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  1. How do you get involved with Law in Australia??

    What would be the best route to practice in Aus?

  2. I'm currently in my second year of the MLaw (Exempting) Degree at Northumbria University. This degree comprises the LLB and LPC in a 4 year course, and has been spoken of highly by some academics/legal magazines etc...

    I've noticed firms have begun to form partnerships with law schools - mainly BPP and College of Law.

    I still have the option of studying a 3 year LLB at Northumbria and could apply to study the LPC at the College of Law or BPP law school.

    From a recruiters perspective, via which route would I be better presented as an applicant?

    Also - I must decided whether to study the 3 year LLB or 4 year exempting degree in March so if (IF) I secure a training contract in this cycle, by offer stage I will have already made my decision re LPC...!

    Whilst I appreciate the 'up and coming' course that Northumbria offers, I honestly fear that the LPC at eg College of Law is simply better and more focused...
  3. Hi, I may be confusing you with someone else, but am I right in thinking that you studied at Oxford and then did the LPC at Oxford Brookes? If so, I was wondering how you found the transition and whether you enjoyed doing the LPC? It would be good to hear your experiences, as I'm considering taking this route myself. Apologies if I've got the wrong person!
  4. Hi hope you don't mind me messaging but I have seen you around on the forums giving lots of helpful advice. Basically, I have been offered a legal internship in NY with globalexperiences. Its 2 months and 4.5k inc housing in NYU halls, visa and insurance. I have to liaise with one of the representatives while we find a suitable placement. Do you think it would be worth this amount? I've always wanted to work in NY but didnt think it would be possible for a second year undergrad to get a decent placement. Thanks alot!
  5. Hi, I am a law student in the U.S and I was wondering how hard would it be for me to find work in australia or new zealand. I am also going to get a masters in tax, would that help? thank you
  6. Hey,

    I am intending to pursue law in university and I am currently working on ucas application. However I'm somewhat stuck writing my personal statement. I understand that you are doing law too..

    Do you mind if I could have a look at your personal statement please, if possible? No obligation though.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Worked for 6 years for a UK City law firm. Moved to Sydney seven years ago to work for an international law firm.

    I'm currently the head of company/commercial law at an international FMCG company.

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