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  1. sorry just one more thing the work on the website for graphic design looks like it's heavily influenced by illustration so i was wondering if that was a main point because i'd rather explore other processes than purely illustration
  2. Thanks for the reply really appreciate it.

    Ah it sounds good and i know nottingham is a fun place.
    It's going to be really hard to decide between there and Kingston.

    Good to hear your enjoying it though!
  3. Hey,

    just wanted to ask a couple questions about the nottingham trent graphic design course.
    How ideas based is it? do they really push you for good ideas?
    and what are the industry links and live briefs like?

  4. Right accept me... I declined cos I only accept people I know and I was expecting a Kai, but I have just realised it's the guy from beyblade like an idiot lol
    I actually do work at a bank! Haha
    I visited Nottingham Trent to see a friend and there are loads of people from down south, in particular London, so you won't be on your own
    I got Sandby where are you staying? X
  5. It does look pretty awesome! I'm from Doncaster which is in Yorkshire
    Yes I am... Add me x
  6. Ahh that's cool! I am soo excited! Where are you from? x
  7. Meep! A Beyblade fan?!
  8. ahh cool, you got facebook? add me
  9. Oh lucky you! I just missed Sandby by literally 5 mins! I was well gutted. I'm staying at Norton court now anyway! It looks nice though, just 2 miles out. So excited though! I just want to go now! haha.
  10. Just thought i'd say hey, I'm doing Graphic Design at NTU next year as well. I can't wait! Where are you gonna be living?

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