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  1. So you're a lank virgin, and wot? Haa, yeah of course bruv. And you're such an Einstein Sex God, you don't even have the *******s to put your picture, grades or where you study on your ****ing profile. You obviously fail at life so hard you have to get your kicks slating strangers on teh interwebs because you have nothing going on in your life.

    Do me a favour brah, crack open a window, get a ****ing hobby and stop running your fat ****ing trap before someone who actually gives a **** about what you have to say sparks you clean out.
  2. lol. You're that uppity little virgin, right?
  3. I'd appreciate if you could refrain from being insulting and rude to me on public forums, when I have not beeing insulting or rude to anyone on there.
    If you wish to discuss something with me, go ahead, but don't be so out of order when I've said nothing to you. There's no need.
  4. No need, no need.
  5. for a so-called college 'professor', i find you very immature.
  6. I saw your name and avatar.
    my favourite Radiohead song AND FF character.
    Very nice
  7. I read that as "The Boner King of Nowhere" first time.
  8. You give ex poly kids a bad ****ing name mate. Hush up.

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    Humbert Humbert
    I like the orientals
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    I am a college professor of literature who listens to Radiohead and has diabolical lusts.
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    Erudite and witty, european old-world charm.
    Nymphets, writing, murder, radiohead, driving on the wrong side of the road.

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