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  1. Hi there! Like the messages below, I too am thoroughly interested in doing PPE at Oxford, and i was wondering if there are any particular books which you recommend, and any tips on how to make my personal statement suit LSE's Government and Politics - Or is this too risky?
    Thank you!
  2. Maxm79
    Hey, would you mind answering some questions about PPE on this link:

    I saw you on the oxford students list by the way
  3. Hi, I did yeah...I saw you on the PPE student lists and I am hoping to read PPE at Oxford in a couple of years and I am currently deciding on A levels. I was just wondering what you took, how you found PPE, what you have done or are planning to do with it etc... I'd appreciate any thoughts.
  4. Hey. I came across your name in the PPE Magdalen students list and I was hoping if you could perhaps give me some insight on what the interview would be like? I applied to Magdalen for PPE too and since I'm an international student, they offered me a skype interview. I'm terribly excited and nervous and I have NO idea how to prepare for it!! Any tips, etc you could give would be awesomeee
  5. Alright mate. Just thought we'd catch up, you know.

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    Hans Wurdingblat
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    About me
    I float around on here during the holidays and when I'm bored. I can just about hold a conversation and am semi-presentable when out in public.

    I try to be a *net* nice person, but there are few pleasures greater than coming up with a put down that metaphorically slams someone head-first into the tarmac.
    Academic Info
    5Bs 6Cs

    A levels:

    BCC (Contemporary Dance, Comparative Politicising and Philosophy of Television).

    Have qualifications from both of Oxford's universities.
    I'm pretty sporty and have years and years of karate under my belt. I also have my own dance team, although I have to share it with the coach.

    I'm well travelled and extremely cultured so long as it involves food or foreign places. Don't ask me about art, music or literature.

    I have an unhealthy interest in the Soviet Union and my friendship can easily be won with early Soviet propaganda pictures.

    Politics occasionally grabs my interest and I like a good argument over it, law seems to be slipping its way in too, but my true love remains crude sexual humour.
    Talk to me if:
    You're bored, looking to make new friends, want to stalk someone, whatever. Add me on msn, not enough people do that.

    If you want advice on your personal statement, please post it in the PS Helper forum, don't PM it to me.

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