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    Where I study
    A university.
    Star Sign
    About me
    Firstly: I'm a very shy person!

    I Love to listen to people, I can listen to anyone for hours, but I do have a tendency to waffle on about rubbish when I'm nervous.

    In the unlikely event that you were interested, I'm single.

    Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to Chat!

    Photo is quick Self Portrait with tripod and flashgun.

    oh - apparently i'm 5'10'' (178cm to be precise)
    Academic Info
    I'm doing a degree and it's very interesting but it sounds horrendous, specifically, I'm about to start my final year of Digital Forensics And Systems Security (BEng, Class. Elec Eng)

    most of the time when people ask, after I've told them, they have the distinct look like they didn't want to know... and that they want to go and erase their hard drives.

    How bizarre.

    i have some GCSE's (All A*s, A's and B's) and I took Photography, Economics and Physics at A-level (BBB)
    I like Engineering, Aeronautics, Photography (I specialise in portraiture), Mechanics, computers, woodworking, metalworking, firearms, marksmanship and Pyrotechnics.

    oh, and Gadgets. but who doesn't love gadgets?!?

    i don't really care about music. don't get me wrong, i like music in general, particularly Classical, Rock (Mmmmm, Pink Floyd) and so on but i don't get worked up about it in any particular way.

    one thing i really strongly dislike is clubs, and clubbing in general. bars and pubs are great as long as they're not too loud - I've had enough hearing damage already from my hobbies...
    Quick-fact checklist:
    Born and raised in Zimbabwe
    Currently lives in the UK, but not a UK citizen
    Actually a Citizen of Ireland, but i've never set foot on Irish soil!
    Wants to live and work in Canada eventually.

    a couple of years ago i had hair that went down to my elbows, then got it cut for uni.
    Currently growing it out again. (down to the bottom of my neck at the back now)

    I'm also an alcohol snob. I drink Single Malt Whisky (Highlands-region) by preference. I don't drink Alcopops or cheap spirits under any circumstances.
    Oh yeah, a nice Rum is also good!

    it occurs to me that the ''Interests'' and ''Miscellaneous'' sections are essentially the same thing, and that having them is superfluous. oh well...

    *phew* okay, i think i'm just about done waffling. told you so! :woo:

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