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  1. Oh. My. God. We didn't even make the NIT. I just want to cry. And you guys got a 1 seed. What a terrible day.
  2. Hey, sorry I never responded. I haven't been on TSR in a while. But yeah, you guys crushed us here at Comcast. That was such a depressing game. We almost beat you at Cameron, though (almost doesn't count, I know lol). I hate seeing Duke do so well while my team struggles so much. Not exactly the season I imagined for my freshman year. And you guys just beat us in lax in overtime on Saturday. Ugh. MD basketball should be much better next year, with our crappy seniors graduating and our promising freshman having a year of experience. ACC Tournament is up next and is our only shot to make it to the NCAA Tournament. I would say good luck, but I can't wish that on Duke haha.
  3. listen mister, Im not going give my uni email address because that's meant for work!
    I have done more than I should have done, and i dont why im bothering with you. Obviously you dont believe me, and thanks for letting me know my pics privacy arent set on private, i have changed it now! Atleast you could have said hi and show your face!!!
  4. Because Dutch people have their own version called hyves. I just recently joined Facebook.
  5. Yes that's my real name, but search my email on fb . Have you found me yet?
  6. I changed the setting that 'everybody' can search me. Try again or otherwise inbox me ur email address.
  7. Try again, im going to change privacy settings.
  8. And by the way 'jewess' is a term, so don't try make out I'm made it up or something!
  9. I'm proud of what God gave me and secondly Im Dutch first and fortmost and also British as my mum lives here and visted here all my life. I got best opf both world. And listen mister im not convincing you to believe me not at all in fact I dont care less :P
    I know who i am so the rest can f*** off and leave me and my page alone!

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