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  1. you should go snowboarding in Zakopane, its beautiful
    i've been to quite a lot of places i'd say... France(about 5 times), germany, spain, italy, greece, channel islands, canary islands, sweden, norway, poland(obv.) and probably a few others i dont know how i've been to so many tbh:s
    grrr just seen the rain, i have to walk to school in an hour as well which wont be fun
  2. hha oh
    good thinking but doesnt it defeat the point of going to uni in the first place silly!!
    wow... i think snowboarding is so cool, its really impressive when somebody is actually good at it. i've been skiing a few times...i failed
    i've just realised that i've never been out of Europe, thats a bit depressing, then again i've been all over europe so its fine where's the best place you've ever visited??
  3. ooh how did you know?!?! ahaha
    if i do get into med *fingers crossed* then atleast i'll be on a good wage to pay it off however you start earning more than 21000 in your last couple of years so i would have to start paying it back when i'm still studying which is crap
    teehee i have polish family in canada, i really want to go there cos it looks so pretty...have you been before??
  4. haha of course...a polish person has to have vodka!!
    afterschool during the week i work at a nursery, on saturday mornings i work in a cafe and then i also do a couple of shifts in a pub i'm greedy having all those jobs but i like keeping myself busy
    ah that makes sense, is it expensive to flat-share?? have you ever stayed in halls??
  5. well its true!!
    ahaha i can tell its gonna be scary the amount of money im gonna spend on alcohol its a good job i have three jobs!!
    yeaa i'm really regretting taking further maths now, core maths i can deal with but i think i must have been having a crazy moment when i chose further:rolleyes:
    7 people?! is it a big house/flat??
  6. well from your messages i cant tell the diference between you and any english person...your grammar is probably better tbh!!
    haha someone on the drinks tonight??
    yeaa i'm trying to revise atm but further maths isnt the most thrilling subject to study:/ ooh a new flatmate?? thats exciting!! how many people do you live with??
    i've just been revising mostly but had a couple of work shifts as well...nothing very fun
  7. haha glad you think so, do you still have an accent??
    have you been up to much this weekend??
  8. well i still love them, makes it more special i think
    nah i've got a boring english accent, i wasnt brought up speaking it although my mum and her family are fully polish and are therefore fluent...i wish i could speak it but i dont have the time to learn Luckily i do have polish skin so i dont burn like english people do
  9. ahh its better than not going at all!!
    aww i love polish easters and christmases, my family still do all traditions every year, its sweet and there's quite a large polish community up here
    do you think?? i thought most people were from london
  10. haha well i'll look into scotland
    do you go back home often??
    ooh lancaster looks nice...i live near manchester

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